Akshay Kumar took odd even pinch post funny videos

New Delhi. Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal ‘ Odd Ewan formula’ quipped on . In the video film ‘ airlift ‘ parody of the video is combined with the odd Ewan . Very funny in this video from Arvind Kejriwal has made ​​a mockery of the famous singer Adnan Sami .

Akshay January 16 to share the video on her official Twitter page . Running time of the film in January 2016 and renewable RTO office phone says, ” Yes , I am speaking man from Delhi , in Delhi Ola and I have to talk to Sichvesn up . Akshay adds , We Need Right Now cabs and We Need It . The film ‘ airlift ‘ of the dialogue is precisely parody . ”

The video has been written , ” odd -even has been applied in Delhi , thousands of people are stranded in jams and auto , are just waiting . ” Movie trailer says the minister , ” Kuwait is not our priority ,” but the minister says in the video , “We have the red light , what we have had … “Clkta pain , Akshay Kumar , she says , ” I was going to repay the 1500 debt was cut to 2 thousand invoices . I picked up and brought to the police station and I did not understand that the policeman was explaining to me odd -even or odd formula Ewan plan … ‘Policeman adds , “Now is the time to come by cab , or else be stuck . ” Renewable reply, ‘ Yes , I have Ola’s free ride . ” The video of Adnan Sami for the lift , ” Give me also make the lift … ‘ song came on the lips of people … the video is extremely fun , you see …

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